Bitcoins dominance level is on the fall once again after i thought we would see it happen a bit earlier but none the less this is positive for the market overall! We have actually passed a very crucial level here that could bring us an overall trend reversal, we have crossed the pivot point and if we can secure a daily close here we have a very good chance of turning to a downtrend which in turn could drag down the market initially but afterwards as dominance gets lower and lower altcoins will start to make some explosive moves. Also looking at the bollinger bands we are headed towards the bottom band which whenever that happens we could see a bigger fall if price action starts to ride the bottom band, very important is if we keep trailing downwards getting that midline on the BB below that pivot point will give us an extra layer of resistance so hopefully we can stay below the pivot point keeping the BTC dominance downtrend going! Now the RSI looking pretty bearish which in BTC dominance terms i see as good, we have crossed through the midline at the 50. point and if we can keep pushing downwards and hold below this line we will be looking at a confirmed downtrend, we have been in an uptrend for a months time now and i feel like we got a good chance of reversing that here and getting back to the bull cycle / altseason! not financial advice just my opinion!

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