Learn To Trade for BITSTAMP:ETHUSD by Rule72

Recap: The previous Green Target 2 was taken but 3 stayed out of reach as Money Man surmises that the ETH to BTC ratio was simply getting too big. He has touched on how he sees a pattern building exercise unfolding now, but the pattern is not clear yet, so he only has the price action from the latest recovery to lay over for confluence. ETH keeps looking more positive than BTC and long may it last. Simply comparing ETH’s current Red 1 to that of BTC shows this well. ETH has also left its supports in an orderly fashion as it did a calculated march upwards.

Money Man keeps hearing people talk about learning to trade. Except for the basics, operational stuff and what everybody is normally talking about, he thinks that you can only find probabilities and so learn. He tries to provide analyses that is consistent in method for reference as to what consistencies could be found. Consistencies / probabilities = an edge.

Conclusion: ETH is showing remarkably much positivity, but do not be lulled to sleep. Money Man thinks it is because BTC retested an upper resistance which ETH did not by failing to reach its previous Green 3. Remember: No guarantees, only probabilities. Very Important to me: Please like if you appreciate the effort, Please comment and develop this further and Please follow if you see this analysis thread going somewhere you would like to know about.

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