Everything You Need to Know About Food Truck Insurance

Food truck insurance can become costly because of the multiple types of insurance you need to have to operate the business properly. Many factors determine your rates, including:

    According to CoverWallet, you can expect to pay around $135 per month or $1620 a year for a food truck commercial car insurance policy. This policy covers theft and damage caused by weather and vandalism. It may also pay expenses for third-party injuries if your driver is held liable for a traffic accident.

    Cost of a Business Owner’s Policy

    Food truck owners typically pay $105 monthly or $1260 a year for their business owner insurance with a deductible of $1000.

    Cost of General Liability Insurance

    Premiums for general liability coverage are around $45 each month or $560 per year. This policy covers customer injuries and property damage with no deductible.

    Workers’ Compensation

    The cost of a workers’ compensation policy runs close to $105 monthly or $1270 annually for food trucks. The price of this policy can vary dramatically depending on your location and business operations.

    With food trucks becoming more common over the years, major insurance companies have begun offering great rates for food trucks and other mobile restaurants. Quotes are usually free online. Head to your insurance provider’s website today and get a quote!

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