Tesla Will Make Superchargers Adapters for Non-Tesla Electric Cars | MotorBiscuit

Tesla developed the largest DC fast-charging network in the world, enabling their electric cars to make shorter stops. But until now, that valuable grid has only been useful for Teslas. However, Elon Musk proposed a simple solution so that all electric cars, regardless of brand affiliation, could charge at Tesla Superchargers. This gives current electric car owners more available charging stations while incentivizing others to buy make the transition to EVs.

Tesla Supercharger | Tesla

Why can’t non-Teslas charge at Superchargers?

For starters, it’d literally be like putting a square peg in a round hole. Tesla Superchargers have their own type of fast charging connector that can only go into Telsa’s cars. In order to solve this problem, they’d develop a small piece of hardware that could connect to other types of DC fast charging outlets. Pod Point explains that the two open standards are CHAdeMO and Combined Charging System, with the latter being the more popular option.

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