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With the possible exception of the Mirage, even inexpensive modern hatchbacks offer things that just a few years ago were solely for luxury cars. But once upon a time, that wasn’t the case. Such cars were often called ‘econoboxes,’ because, apart from fuel efficiency, they didn’t offer much. And admittedly, there’s something refreshingly honest about that—sometimes. But as Doug DeMuro explains in his latest video, the Geo Metro Convertible isn’t one of those times.

The Geo Metro “was perhaps the stereotypical budget hatchback of the 1990s,” Autoweek says

Modified 1990 Geo Metro | Bring a Trailer

It’s not around anymore, but Geo was a General Motors brand—kind of. Geo is the result of a joint venture between GM and several Asian automakers that saw the former bring in badge-engineered versions of foreign cars, CarThrottle and US News explain. It let brands like Isuzu and Suzuki sell more cars, and it meant GM got cheap, fuel-efficient vehicles without significant investment. And one of those vehicles was the Geo Metro.

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