The Lincoln Corsair’s Reliability Is the Worst, but Owners Don’t Care | MotorBiscuit

People have different priorities when buying a new car. For some reliability is No. 1, while others are more interested in performance, handling, style, or comfort. Buyers looking for the most reliable SUV might not be interested in the Lincoln Corsair, but Consumer Reports found that Corsair owners love their SUVs anyway.

Really low reliability ratings for the Lincoln Corsair

Each year, Consumer Reports conducts a survey of vehicle owners. In 2020, Consumer Reports got information from owners about 329,000 vehicles between model years 2000 and 2020. One of the results that Consumer Reports comes up with is their reliability score. A vehicle’s reliability score is based on issues that owners had across 17 different areas. The predicted reliability scores are developed based on the scores given in recent years.

The Lincoln Corsair is a pretty new model, and its first model year was in 2020. Both model years have the lowest possible rating though. The 2020 Corsair has a reliability rating of one out of five, and the 2021 Corsair has a predicted reliability rating of one out of five from Consumer Reports. Although the 2020 Corsair had high reliability scores in many of the 17 categories, it got the lowest score for body integrity and power equipment.

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