Why Don’t Exotic Car Collectors Drive Their Cars? | MotorBiscuit

Some car collectors do get out and drive the cars they own, such as Jay Leno. But more often than not, the exotic cars bought by billionaires sit on display in their car collections. The only mileage they clock is the distance between the truck it’s offloaded from and the pedestal it’ll sit on. But why is that, and is it okay for such complex pieces of machinery to rarely see the asphalt?

Jay Leno’s Car Collection Paul Harris/Getty Images

Why do collectors buy exotic cars in the first place?

Before we dive into why collectors buy cars, it’s important to discuss what they’re buying in the first place. It can vary from the fastest hypercars to vintage cruisers and everything in between. There really are no “rules” to collecting cars, they just have to be cars. It all depends on the collector’s tastes.

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