Why You’ll Regret Living in a Camper Van Full Time | MotorBiscuit

Living in a camper van full-time can be a life-changing, and cost-effective experience. You’ll save money every year since there’s no utility bill or monthly rent. But living in a camper van is a tricky lifestyle to manage, even trickier than living in an RV full-time. So before you go out and buy a van, take into consideration how difficult it may be to live in one.

The Inside Of A Camper Van Conversion | Adam Lee / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Camper vans aren’t big

A cheap RV can typically fit two people, a kitchen, and a full bathroom all at once. A camper van, however, requires scrutinous use of the limited space. But you can still manage to fit everything you’d want (minus the bathroom) inside your camper van, with shelves and countertops for cooking and a bed for two. And truth be told, that’s about all you’ll have room for.

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