Biden Says U.S. Will Have Enough Coronavirus Vaccine Supply for Every Adult by End of May

President Joe Biden is sharing some optimistic news.

The President of the United States announced on Tuesday (March 2) that the vaccine timeline has shortened, and there will be enough for every American adult by May.

“About three weeks ago, we were able to say that we’ll have enough vaccine supply for adults by the end of July, and I’m pleased to announce today, as a consequence of this stepped-up process that I’ve ordered and just outlined, this country will have enough vaccine supply…for every adult in America by the end of May,” he said.

The news comes as Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine received FDA approval, becoming the third vaccine to be used in the U.S.

The president also said he wants teachers and school workers to receive at least one vaccine shot “by the end of March.”

“Now I want to be very clear. Not every educator will be able to get their appointment in the first week. But our goal is to do everything we can to help every educator receive a shot this month, the month of March,” he said.

“This fight is far from over. I told you, I would be straight up with you from the very beginning. As I said many times, things may get worse again as new variants spread and as we face setbacks,” he said.

“Though we celebrate the news of a third vaccine, I urge all Americans, please, keep washing your hands. Stay socially distanced. Wear masks. Keep wearing them. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn. Now is not the time to let up. I’ve asked the country to wear masks for my first 100 days in office. Now is not the time to let our guard down.”

One celebrity who helped to fund the vaccine just got their own first dose.