Choke A Ritz: Wayne Brady Targeted In Racist Voicemail Left By Angry “Let’s Make A Deal” Viewer On CBS Studios Phone Line

He just might have to…

Some salty soup cookie really tried Wayne Brady. An unnamed white man left an extremely racist voicemail on the CBS switchboard for the “Let’s Make A Deal” host and the audio of the message have been published by TMZ. In the highly explicit message, the caller refers to Brady as all sorts of “f***ing ni**ers“. It’s not even totally discernible what the man is on about. He doesn’t state any particular issue and his message was only 9 seconds long, which coincidentally is likely the same amount of time that he is able to pleasure his partner sexually but that’s none of our business.

Take a listen to this good ol’ fashioned hate speech, just like grandma used to make…


This morning, Brady appeared on TMZ Live to discuss the issue and essentially show the unidentified caller that he isn’t phased in the slightest by the message. In fact, Brady says he’s heard much worse and wasn’t particularly impressed by this demonstration of hate.

Who wants to make a deal that if racists can call up and leave their unsolicited hate on a voicemail that they should be tracked down, dragged to a Black neighborhood, and be forced to walk around with a speaker playing their racist comments. Smells like justice to us.

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