Best L-shaped desk for any office layout

If you’re looking to upgrade your home-office design or simply need a new setup at work, an L-shaped desk could be the solution. The best L-shaped desk will give you more room to multitask, store documents, start new projects, and finally finish the old ones. Their unique design means getting the most out of your space, easily sliding into corners, or creating a makeshift cubicle. This is especially useful for home offices: If you find yourself caught in a “working at home, living at work” mentality, creating a defined workspace that feels like an additional room can increase focus and productivity. Unlike a large, standard computer desk that juts out farther into your office or extends past your reach, the L-shape wraps around you, so your materials and monitors are visible at all times, giving you a more accessible surface area.

The best L-shaped desk will be a perfect fit for your home office or workplace, provide enough room for any necessary items with additional storage, and fulfill your aesthetic dreams. We’ve created this guide to help you find the right L-shaped desk for you, with some of our favorite models to get you started.

  • Best small L-shaped desk: Little Tree Rotating Computer Desk
  • Best large L-shaped desk: Sauder Harbor Corner Computer Desk
  • Best reversible L-shaped desk: GreenForest Reversible L-shaped Desk
  • Best L-shaped desk with hutch: Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk
  • Best modern L-shaped desk: Bush Furniture Anthropology L-shaped Desk
  • Best modern L-shaped desk runner-up: Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk
  • Best cheap L-shaped desk: SHW L-Shaped Corner Desk

Features to consider when shopping for the best L-shaped desk

The best L-shaped desk will elevate your home office and keep you feeling productive and comfortable throughout your workday. Of course, there are a few things to consider before purchasing, like the size, storage options, and style of each desk. Read on to learn more about what we consider before shopping for a tremendous L-shaped desk.

If your home office lacks in space, choose a small L-shaped desk

At first glance, an L-shaped desk can appear to add more bulk rather than cut it down. But this type of desk actually saves you space in the long run. With only one table-top surface, a classic desk relies on uninterrupted length to give you room to work. That means your desk needs enough continuous wall space to rest against, often eliminating room for other furniture. On the other hand, an L-shaped desk can give you the same amount of workspace while saving room. The beauty of a small L-shaped desk is its ability to sit comfortably in the corner of a room, unlike almost any other piece of furniture. So unless you’re getting something custom built, an L-shaped desk might just be the best way to maximize space and make room for other pieces.

If you work in a smaller room, make sure to map out the right measurements and search for desks you know will fit. You can also look for an L-shaped desk that includes additional storage, such as drawers or a hutch. Not only will you make use of a tricky corner area, you’ll gain extra shelving to store additional objects like books, document folders, printers, and more.

Best small L-shaped desk: Little Tree Rotating Computer Desk

This small L-shaped desk is completely reversible, with the choice to have the L extension on the left or right side. It also has 180 degrees of customizable rotation, extending the length of the desktop from 1.2 to 2 meters. This model includes a sliding keyboard tray, additional bottom shelf, and lockable universal casters to make reconfiguring your space super easy.

If you work with multiple monitors, consider a large L-shaped desk

If you have plenty of space in your home office and need a way to support multiple desk monitors, a large L-shaped desk could fulfill all of your desires. In fact, L-shaped desks are designed to display multiple screens and many documents at once without neck strain. Keeping all your monitors within your field of vision is a great way to reduce cervical stress and keep track of what you’re working on. Instead of investing in an extra-long rectangular desk to create an endless line of data you can barely see, a large L-shaped desk will keep all the important stuff in view.

Not only can a large L-shaped desk handle multiple monitors, but the additional surface space will also save you time and increase productivity. Rather than rooting around your desk drawers each time you change focus or start a new meeting, an L-shaped desk provides space for every document you’ll need throughout the day, without any crowding.

Best large L-shaped desk: Sauder Harbor Corner Computer Desk

This large L-shaped desk has a slide-out keyboard tray, built-in cabinet, and three drawers for storage, the bottom of which can accommodate hanging files. Plus, you can customize which side of the desk each storage option goes on. It’s 66.14 x 66.14 x 30.28 inches, making a stately piece perfect for a large space.

If you like to regularly switch things up in your office, buy a reversible desk

Whether you find it refreshing to change around your home- office furniture or you’re consistently dealing with coworkers who want to reorient their space, a reversible L-shaped desk is a perfect way to adjust. Many models are customizable in various ways, including reversibility. Essentially, you’ll be able to choose whether you want the shorter extension on your right or left side, and you can switch it up whenever you like. This is an excellent option for folks who haven’t settled on their space’s overall design, frequent movers who need something adaptable, and those who feel inspired by a little furniture rearrangement now and again.

If you’re looking for even more customization, search for a model that features removable parts with supportive legs so you can go from a classic, rectangular desk to an elongated double desk to an L-shape in a matter of minutes. Maximum customization leads to maximum comfort and adaptability. These desks let you try every option imaginable until you stumble on the optimal arrangement for maximum productivity and comfort.

Best reversible L-shaped desk: GreenForest Reversible L-shaped Desk

This reversible L-shaped desk has three independent parts, resulting in either two separate desks or one L-shaped desk with an extension on either side. Plus, it comes with a moveable shelf and CPU stand. This desk doubles as an L-shaped gaming desk, great for three-part or curved gaming monitors or (if you purchase two) couples who seek to unite their workstations.

What about L-shaped desks with workstation storage?

For many of us, the best home office furniture comes down to storage. We are continually looking for new ways to organize not just our work materials but home goods too, which means searching for each and every way to add a drawer here or a shelf there. Many L-shaped desks offer additional storage in the form of shelves, stands, drawers, and, best of all, hutches, making for a totally ergonomic workstation.

A hutch is, essentially, an upward extension on the wall side of the desk. It can range in height but usually includes a variety of extended shelves or cabinets. They can act as additional bookcases, display framed photos, store extra office supplies, and more. If your desk hutch comes with a cabinet, might we recommend a mini pantry stocked with your favorite brain-boosting snacks, like our favorite, gummy worms.

Best L-shaped desk with hutch: Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

If extra storage is your thing, this L-shaped desk with hutch is right for you. With three cabinets, multiple cubbies, a file drawer, and additional shelving, you won’t be running out of space any time soon. As an extra perk, there is also a built-in USB charging hub. This desk measures 59 x 59 x 66 inches with storage from top to bottom.

If interior design and overall aesthetics are a priority, go for a modern L-shaped desk

While L-shaped desks are ergonomically designed, space-saving, and productivity-enhancing, not all are sleek or modern. If you’re looking for an expressive desk that matches your contemporary aesthetic, pay particular attention to the material and finish of your L-shaped desk.

For a simple, sleek look, go for a style with a glass top with metal framing. This minimalistic, almost industrial vibe looks great with various other home-office furniture and has enough personality without being overpowering. If you’re hoping to inject a little more flair into your workspace, look for a desk with flashes of color and shine. We’re thinking of gold legs, painted drawers, or a marble finish. Don’t be afraid of getting specific with your search; think about the kind of surface you want to sit down at every day, and don’t worry about being picky. The right modern L-shaped desk for you is out there.

Best modern L-shaped desk: Bush Furniture Anthropology L-shaped Desk

A glass-top desk with a metal frame is a great way to elevate your space. This modern L-shaped desk will complement existing decor while providing a fantastic workspace. There is open storage underneath for additional documents, laptops, notebooks, and more. The main section can support up to 150 pounds, the extension up to 75 pounds. In total, this modern marvel measures 60 x 60 x 30 inches. If you’re looking for something stylish but don’t feel like a glass top is right, check out this marble option from Mr. Ironstone.

Best L-shaped desk on a budget: What you can get for under $100

If you’re looking for an L-shaped desk that fits your budget, don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately see a model you love. There are plenty of desks out there for under $100, though you might have to make a few small sacrifices. If additional storage is something you seek, be prepared to pay a little more, especially if you’re searching for an extra piece, like a hutch. (And it’s even more if you want premium materials or customization.) But if you’re not quite as picky, you can find the best L-shaped desk, big or small, to create a productive workspace on a budget.

Best cheap L-shaped desk: SHW L-Shaped Corner Desk

At a great price point, this L-shaped desk is made from engineered wood with a walnut, oak, or espresso finish. There are two open shelves for extra storage and two grommets to help organize your cords. It measures 51 by 19.7 by 28.3 inches.

FAQ: Everything else you need to know

Is an L-shaped desk good for an ergonomic workstation?

Yes, an L-shaped desk can absolutely be an ergonomic workstation, which means it is designed for efficiency and comfort. An L-shaped desk increases the amount of easily accessible surface space, allowing for less reaching, neck craning, and other stressors. Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the size, and you’ll be in a great position for maximum comfort with the essentials at your fingertips.

How big of a desk do I need for two monitors?

This very much depends on the size of your monitors. A standard computer monitor measures between 21 and 24 inches and, of course, you’ll want a little extra room on the sides. We recommend at least 5 inches of free space on either side. If you want two monitors, you need a desk that is, at minimum, around 60 inches across both sections but you can go bigger.

What is a good desk size?

The best desk size for you is entirely dependent on the size of your room, work needs, and storage needs, but we can help you get an idea regarding what’s popular. A typical desk is 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. If you’re frequently typing, look for a desk between 24 and 28 inches tall; if you tend to do a lot of writing, you can go taller, up to 30 inches.

A final word on shopping for the best L-shaped desk

The best L-shaped desk is going to fit your space, maximize your storage, increase productivity, and keep you comfortable while you work. Identify your priorities, stick to your guns, and don’t sacrifice your personal style—you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the L-shaped desk of your dreams.


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