#ZKSUSDT #ZKSUSD//BSC intagration set to launch asap for HUOBI:ZKSUSDT by HustleGrindMomentum

this is my favorite layer 2 solution so far. the swaps r free to under 1usd the only flaw for anylayer 2 is how to get ur luqidity there. is this case its gas nothing crazy like 35 most a week ago but with all this dog money swap’n etc eth network is slammed and we need solutions… once there 5 bucks to remove to layer one and free to send to any wallet but they need to pay 5usd to get to layer one. whatever it works great just eth costs killn it matic on the other hand is amazing once there but u need to get ur tokens cross chain same with BSC so super interesting on how this eco system will come together as the race for this expanding market share x times people realizing layer 2 is here will be fun to watch. on the matic note i am hear’n they are growing n intagrating in user friendly ways with dev n programer activity on the rise….

great buy op, at least for the next bit unless we really see the market dump this week which is beciming less n less likely as people ape around with their new Millions from dog n meme money…. lets see what happens

This is why I like projects that in general are always adapting, upgrading, n just generally trying to evolve with this ever advancing crypto ecosystem. As layer 2 gains momentum and gets built out_ more n more user friendly esp cross chain swaps etc etc (see clover) We look for projects that seem to keep up. By this I mean when ZKswap n matic n Binance smart chain n any other layer 2 or cheep gas solution pops up look to see what tokens or alts are getting liquidity to these trading pairs on these newer cheep to free swap eco systems. When ZKSWAP started doing its thing the first tokens you could trade in ie liquidity there to swap without massive slippage (ie loosing 5 to 90 percent on swap depending on liquidity situation and size off swap) where UNISWAP_UNI AAVE SUSHI SNX AAVE REN then we saw OKB HT MKR YFI BADGER LRC MASK DODO N WAITING ON GT CREAM ALPHA RUNE LINK BNB N MOST RECENTLY AKITA SHIB

As we try to get away from alts over these next few months and more and more back to eth n btc adding to our algo ada cel swap avax aave etc bags leave and stake stuff is ideal ALGO in algo wallet being my fav

SAKESWAP is trying to be a AMM DAO type futures platform on the BINANCE smart chain

DOT has an event on the 19th with KSM n in general this new project called PINK NODE that is supposed to be able to help organize luiquidy and alowe these parachains to talk and work together

AVAX or AVALANCH is making stable coin real world moves into the crucial under repp’d fiat on n off ramps like paypall and everything they work with n own. Look for an avax usa backed stable coin built on the avax blockchain _if not them than maybe ALGO would be my other guess.

ADA or CARDONA is going to really push this next year esp next few months… there is an oracle project (LINK for ADA blockchain) called CHARLI3 or C3 _card starter or CARD is a project launch pad _OCCIM FI a fundraising and bridge to get liquidity back n forth from Ethereum and Cardano eco system.

YFI and the dark wizard team is at it again with their WOOFY protocol it turns 1 YFI into 1 million woofy coins DOG meme x BLUE CHIP defi YFI n BOOM _want to look into their projects asap like Fantom wallet token etc is super interesting and I believe ties their “suite” of crypto platforms together

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