Comprehensive Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Keep in mind that these rates may vary depending on where you live and other variable factors.

As NerdWallet points out, when you gather insurance quotes, every quote should be free. While some insurance companies will charge a down payment to start a policy, they should never charge you for a quote. When you’re ready to start gathering and comparing quotes, NerdWallet recommends you take the following steps:

  1. Gather your information. To expedite the quote gathering process, you should have all of your personal information and vehicle information on hand. This information includes your driver’s license information, vehicle identification number, and current insurance policy.
  2. Choose the right amount of liability coverage. After a severe accident, the cost of vehicle repairs and medical care adds up, sometimes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liability coverage can protect you by covering these costs and shielding you from lawsuits. Experts typically suggest that you have as much liability coverage as your net worth in order to protect your assets. Your insurance quote will list liability coverage as three numbers, such as 50/100/50, that represent individual injuries/total injuries/property damage. Liability coverage comes in thousand-dollar increments, and the middle number should equal the value of your house and total savings combined.
  3. Decide if you need full coverage. Liability coverage only covers the costs of the other driver. If you want insurance that covers collision damage to your vehicle, your medical care, and damage caused by natural disasters, you need full coverage. A full-coverage policy includes liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.
  4. Collect and compare quotes. You should collect quotes from at least three companies. Consider quotes from regional companies. A smaller insurance company may charge lower rates while providing you with personalized service. To get an accurate comparison, make sure you give each company the same information and the same liability levels. You should also apply for any relevant discounts.

    By making an effort to do a little research, you can make sure you’re getting the best coverage at the fairest price.

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