Driving A NASCAR To McDonald’s Is As Difficult As You Think

What’s the anatomy of a NASCAR race car? Designed specifically for motorsport, NASCAR race cars only share their names and shape with their mainstream counterparts. Take the Toyota Camry NASCAR race car in the gallery below as an example.

But in general, NASCAR race cars come with cold-rolled sheet metal body panels, lightweight Lexan, window net, TV camera, hood pins, and treadless Goodyear Eagle racing tires.

And oh, NASCAR race cars don’t have power steering, the engines don’t have mufflers to suppress sound and their first gears go up to 60 miles per hour.

As a race car, of course, NASCAR racers sit inside a roll cage to protect themselves from getting hurt when an accident happens. And just in case you’re curious, yes, NASCAR race cars don’t have doors for easy ingress and egress, plus they don’t have side mirrors and lights (they’re stickers).

All these things mentioned make NASCAR race cars illegal on the road. They don’t meet any safety regulations, not to mention the fact that they’re hard to maneuver around and they’re extremely loud.

But that didn’t stop YouTuber TheStradman from trying a challenging (and illegal) stunt – to drive a NASCAR race car to McDonald’s and buy snacks via drive-thru.

As expected, the YouTuber found it hard to drive the NASCAR race car. He can barely get it off at first gear, stalling so many times, plus the blistering heat under the sun probably took lots of fluids out of his and his passenger’s body during the short run. They even went through a construction zone and almost had an encounter with a cop.

Nonetheless, while we don’t condone driving non-street-legal cars on public roads, let this video serve as an example of why you shouldn’t no matter how fun it sounds. There’s a good reason NASCAR race cars are carried to racing events.