GM Design Shows Off Rendering For EV Off-Roader

The future of General Motors is electric, and a recent rendering on the GM Design Instagram page shows a sketch of an off-road-focused EV with a striking look. It appears perfect for emissions-free motoring in the wilderness.

The design pushes the wheels to the extreme edges of the body, and there are very short overhangs at both ends. This layout would maximize the approach and departure angles. There’s also a high-riding suspension, and it appears there is quite a bit of ground clearance.


The charging port is in the center of the vehicle between the doors, which suggests that the battery spans the area between the axles. This would allow for an improved center of gravity and weight distribution.

The design features wrap-around glass that conceals the pillars. It’s a striking look and would appear to provide fantastic outward visibility when driving.

A small solar panel is visible on the rear portion of the roof. This wouldn’t be enough to recharge the battery completely, but it can help.

Judging by the overall proportions, this vehicle appears to be a bit smaller than the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, which aims to fulfill a similar purpose as this machine. While there’s no sign of GM building the SUV in this rendering, it would make sense for the automaker to offer such a product for consumers who don’t want something quite as big as the new Hummer.

Earlier in May, the GM Design Instagram page shared a rendering of another off-road-focused EV. That one had an even more aggressive look with a cab-forward shape that included clear panels near the driver’s feet for fantastic outward visibility.

It definitely seems like GM’s designers are exploring what’s possible when creating an EV. Not needing to package an engine creates new opportunities for how to shape a vehicle. While the ones GM Design are showing are probably too extreme-looking to go into production, we wonder if styling bits of these creations might see the road someday.