Overloaded Ford Truck Shows Real Men Do It In One Trip

Pickup trucks – America loves them and it has been a popular automobile body type since the beginning. The utilitarian nature of these machines makes them a staple choice for commercial use.

But pickup trucks have evolved from just clunky workhorses to lifestyle vehicles that can haul. These days, you’ll rarely see a truck carrying a massive load and if you do, you’ll probably see dirt bikes and other outdoor activity items on the bed, which is fine.

This Ford truck owner from Mexico begs to differ, though.


The video above was posted by Maara Padilla (@lapipadelapaz) on Tiktok and has gained around 12,000 reactions and nearly 3,000 shares as of this writing. Not a surprise, really – the single-cab truck in the video is seen carrying items piled up on its bed, mostly wooden items, nearly twice the height and length of the vehicle itself. Heaven knows how heavy those things are, but a quick glance at the wheel area tells us that these items are already beyond the truck’s payload limit.

Then again, the pickup’s still moving though, despite the items rocking back and forth as it paces through the Mexican avenue.

Needless to say, let this still serve as a reminder that despite seeing it being done in the short video, hauling beyond your truck’s payload limit is extremely unsafe for you and the other road users within your proximity. You’ll never know when the vehicle will cave in and if it didn’t, we’re sure that this stunt will have a long-term effect on the truck’s structural integrity.

So if you can help it, don’t do it in one trip. It doesn’t prove anything. It’s still better to be safe than sorry.