What Super-High-End Feature Do You Most Want To See in a Regular Car?

Sometimes you have champagne taste and a beer pocketbook, as my grandmother used to say. When it comes to cars, trucks, and SUVs that translates into a strong desire for features you might see in a high-end vehicle that you want in your daily driver. If you have an unlimited budget, you can have pretty much anything you want. If you don’t, well, let’s dream for a minute.

For instance, Rolls-Royce launched the Phantom
Tempus Collection in February with a cool space-themed interior design set based on the pulsar star. Just in case you aren’t up to date on astronomy vocabulary, Popular Mechanics says the pulsar a star that turns into a black hole or neutron star when it dies. Pulsars are extra-dense neutron stars that rotate at regular intervals, spinning and distributing light kind of like a lighthouse beam. As one of my colleagues said, I’m a complete sucker for space-themed things and you’ve got my attention, Rolls-Royce.

Bentley’s interiors are also drool-worthy, like a bespoke Piano Kingfisher Veneer in a fetching turquoise. On the outside, Aston Martin issued a special-edition 007 version of the DBS Superleggera with Gloss Black diamond-turned Y-Spoke 21” wheels. And the DBX is available in a dizzying array of colors way beyond basic black, white, gray, and blue. One feature I loved from the Lexus LS is a back seat that reclines, complete with a leather footrest. Ahhh. 

If I had three wishes, it would be a challenge to narrow it down, but at the top of my list are a high-performance powertrain, the same soft-close doors from a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a 21-speaker Lexicon audio system, and a paint job worthy of a Ferrari. I don’t hate the idea of having silver-plated wine glasses and a chiller, either. 

How about you?  

Tell us in the comments what you would add to the list or send the writer a note: [email protected]

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