21 Vibrators People Swear by if They’re More Sensitive Down There

If you’re searching for the best clitoral vibrator, you’re in good company. The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reports that 37% of women in the U.S. needed some clit love to achieve orgasm. (FYI, sex educator Lisa Finn claims it’s actually closer to 80%.) Statistics aside, we know that the clitoris is an organ with 8,000 nerve endings responsible for sexual pleasure—and while penetration can feel awesome, for many people with clits, clitoral stimulation is actually the key to getting off. In fact, “clitoris” literally means “key” in Greek—the more you know.

While you or your partner can stimulate your clit with a couple of good old-fashioned fingers, it never hurts to add a vibrator to the mix. But before you start adding toys to your cart, there are a few ~key~ things to keep in mind—especially if you’ve got a more sensitive clit that gets easily overstimulated.

First: When you’re shopping for the best clitoral vibrator, know that all vibes are technically clit vibrators. But some vibrators are designed to pleasure the clit and penetrate, so if you’re looking to solely focus on the clit, no need to purchase a G-spot vibrator or rabbit vibrator. Second, pay attention to settings. The more settings, the better. That way, you get to be in control of intensity. 

“Generally, the lower settings are going to be less intense for the sensitive person. Look for intensity ratings at three or below. Also, some clit sex toys have the ability to vibrate according to multiple patterns. This is yet another miracle brought to us by the computer chip—vibes today are much smaller than they used to be,” Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, tells Glamour. She adds, “A sensitive user might find a sustained vibration is too much, but an on/off pattern is easier to enjoy.”

In fact, you might have to play with a couple vibes until you find one that’s perfect for you—and that’s okay. We all experience pleasure differently, and at different levels and intensities. “The clitoris is packed with nerve endings that are especially good at sensing vibration patterns. Certainly, when someone is relatively new to vibrators, that can be a lot. And we clitoris-having humans do have a good deal of variation in how sensitive our clits are. Imagine having one’s clit touched directly and firmly and some people will start to purr, while others recoil. We’re not all the same,” Queen says.

Whether yours is more sensitive to strong vibrations or you’re just starting to explore the land of clitoral stimulators, you can always use yours over underwear for a more hushed sensation. Lastly? Don’t be lube-shy. Lube has never not made sex (solo and partnered) more incredible. It’ll reduce friction and help you reach a smoother (literally) orgasm.

Now that you’ve got Vibrator 101 down, let’s get to it. Here are 21 of the best clitoral vibrators for someone looking for more low-key clit orgasms.