Joshua Bassett Reveals His First Celebrity Crush & Opens Up About Coming Out as Queer

Joshua Bassett is opening up!

The 20-year-old star spoke out in an interview with Attitude Magazine.

Here’s what he had to say…

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On his first crush, Hilary Duff: I really liked Agent Cody Banks and I wanted to be Agent Cody Banks, and also Hilary Duff‘s Hilary Duff. So, like, you can imagine how that happens. You know, you want to be Cody Banks and date Hilary Duff. It just makes sense. I met her by the way and she told somebody that she has a crush on me too. Because I told her that I had a crush on her my entire life. And she did tell the president of the Disney Channel that she had a crush on me too. I’m never going to let that one go. I’m never going to live that one down.”

On coming out as queer: “Funnily enough, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, and one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done. I wasn’t planning on talking about any of it and then there was a point where it kind of got bigger than me and I knew I had to acknowledge it. And I wrote the statement in less than five minutes. It all came out at once and I was like, yep, let’s post it. And I felt really great about it, and I never looked back.”

On sexuality: “There is no right answer when it comes to your sexuality or sexual identity, you decide the answer. So, if you don’t know yet, then you don’t know. And that’s that and that’s OK. Don’t let anybody tell you have to decide anything or know anything or figure anything out. Life is so long and life changes too. You can change throughout your life. So, don’t put any pressure on yourself to figure it out ’cause nobody really figures it out. Everyone’s pretending like they are, but you know, we’re all sort of making it up as we go.”

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