Nicole Brown Simpson's Sister Says It's Clear O.J's the Killer, He Believes His Own Lies

No, O.J. Simpson does not need to fear running into the person who murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman in 1994, because DNA evidence doesn’t lie … so says Nicole’s sister.

Tanya Brown tells TMZ … O.J.’s recent comments about not wanting to go to L.A. because he “might be sitting next to whoever did it” are absurd and disrespectful, but they prove how delusional he really is.

According to Tanya … all one has to do is look back at the DNA evidence from the murders, which shows the only blood at the crime scene belonged to Nicole, Ron and O.J.

Tanya says, obviously, she does not believe there’s another killer out there, but suggests O.J.’s been feeding himself his own lies for so many years … he likely believes them now.

She says of O.J.’s recent interview with The Athletic — in which he added, “I really don’t know who did this,” but claimed to have a suspect in mind — he’s probably doing it to redeem himself, but it’s unfortunate and sad he can’t admit his wrongdoing.

Tanya adds at this point in her life, she has forgiven O.J. for what he did and actually pities him. However, she says when he continues to talk about it, it’s simply disrespectful to their family and Ron’s … and she wishes he’d let it go too.

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