Demystifying four aspects of launching an online business

August 11, 2021
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Today a person can find almost any product or service with a few clicks. In addition, it is increasingly common for people to search the Internet for a product or service before going to a physical store. For entrepreneurs and small business owners with an Internet presence, this growing consumer behavior represents a great opportunity to reach more customers and grow their business.

A few years ago, micro and small businesses focused their efforts solely on maintaining their operations in a physical location, leaving the online presence for larger companies. The last few years, and especially the last months since the start of the pandemic, have shown us how important it is for these businesses to have an Internet presence in addition to their physical showcase. This helps them comply with social distancing measures and adapt to new consumer needs in order to reach more people in a competitive environment.

Proof of the above is that, according to the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), in 2020 online sales in Mexico grew by 81% . Likewise, during the last great Internet sales campaign in Mexico, 4 out of 10 Internet users made a purchase, which is equivalent to 11.6 million users.

However, we still have a long way to go, especially for micro and small businesses. One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs still do not have a full online presence is due to certain myths, misinformation or a lack of knowledge on the subject. At GoDaddy , we’ve identified some of these myths about launching an online business that we want to clear up so that small business owners can overcome them and consider taking the next step for their business. Here are some of the most common myths:

1. Using only social networks is enough for my business

It is common for small business owners to consider having just one Facebook or Instagram account for their business as social networks have billions of users worldwide, including 100 million in Mexico, making them one of the the main entry points to the online world.

Although social networks are a good tool to create valuable content, generate interaction with your customers, create a community around your brand and even expand your reach, it is essential that you have a website, integrated with your social networks, on the that you can have total control of the messages and images of your business and your products or services. On your own website, you can personalize the customer experience with the colors and design of your brand, make photo or video galleries, as well as create a personalized email that matches your company name, create marketing campaigns by email and even spice up your own online store. With the right service provider as a partner, you can link your website and online store with your social networks and even design the images and update the products that you show in them, directly from your website. Having your own website and online store to sell your products and services can help increase your customers’ trust in your brand and make them commit to your business.

2. If I already sell on a marketplace, I no longer need a website or my own online store

Like social networks, with a marketplace you can reach millions of customers, since it works like a virtual supermarket; However, this platform belongs to another company, and it is not always possible to customize your store, have control of payment methods or shipping methods and times, in addition to having to pay a commission to the platform for each item sold. . Likewise, it can be difficult to generate a link between your brand and your customers since the entire image is associated with the marketplace, so it can also be difficult for your company to stand out among all similar products.

To strengthen your strategy and your business’s presence on the Internet, in addition to selling on marketplaces, it is important to also have your own online store. Having full control over the entire shopping experience can help you create greater brand awareness and affinity for your business. As in a marketplace, you can offer different payment methods and home delivery, but here you can choose to offer more payment options, the shipping method that works best for your business and your products, and choose to partner with companies that you create that can offer a better service experience to your customers.

3. I need technical knowledge to create my website and my online store

Ten years ago you may have needed solid technical knowledge, but today, with the right website building tools, it can be extremely simple, fast and intuitive to create a website. But first things first. Choose a domain name, which will be the name of your brand on the Internet, for example,

Once you’ve chosen and registered your domain name, you’ll want to choose a website builder that includes a variety of pre-designed templates to choose the one that best suits your business. In this way, you can focus on completing the spaces on your website, either with texts, banners, figures, images and videos (your own or from the image and video bank with thousands of options at your disposal), among other options. And for those who have some technical knowledge and want additional customization, they can choose to build their website with Managed WordPress, integrated with thousands of plugins to choose from.

4. It is expensive to have my own website and online store

Today there is a wide variety of solutions for all types of business needs to create and manage an online presence. The reality is that running a digital business can only be started with a smartphone , tablet, or computer, an Internet connection, and a monthly or yearly payment for a domain name and hosting provider. From here, as your business develops, you may decide to invest in marketing and advertising, shipping methods, social media channel integration, online dating, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions, as well as features. additional to integrate to your website.

Currently, to reach many customers, from your block to the entire world, it is best to be visible in as many places as possible and that includes being on the Internet.