You can now listen to WandaVision’s latest spoiler-filled bop on Spotify and Apple Music

WandaVision’s seventh episode started to answer some of the biggest questions of the series, and — in line with its sitcom trappings — the show dropped one of its biggest reveals yet in a very spoiler-y retro-style theme song.

Since the episode was released, the track has exploded in popularity to the point that Disney seems to have noticed by dropping the official soundtrack on services like Spotify and Apple Music a few days ahead of the planned release on Friday, February 26th.

Spoilers for WandaVision episode 7 ahead.

That’s right, you can now stream the official version of “Agatha All Along” to your heart’s content. The song, like WandaVision’s other sitcom themes, was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (best known for their work on the Frozen soundtracks) featured at the end of the most recent episode.

“Agatha All Along” reveals that nosy neighbor “Agnes” is in fact the witch Agatha Harkness — who, as the song makes clear in an incredibly catchy manner, was behind at least some of the oddities of Westview all along as the villain of the series.

Since the episode was released, the song has already become a TikTok trend, received a trap remix, and been re-created as a soaring orchestral number. It’s the kind of popularity that brings to mind another musical streaming hit: the massively viral “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” from Netflix’s The Witcher.

That song had similarly exploded in popularity across the internet when The Witcher was released, but it took Netflix over a month to get its act together and release an official version of the soundtrack on streaming services, almost entirely missing the moment. It’s a mistake that the streamer hasn’t made since, and the viral soundtracks to more recent shows — like Bridgerton’s pop culture covers — have been available alongside the series’s debut.

With the early release of the soundtrack, it seems that Disney has made a similar choice to ride the wave and not let “Agatha All Along” pass it by, even if it means bumping up a few release dates — until the next WandaVision theme song takes over TikTok, that is.